What do I need to bring to my initial appointment?


How do I get a copy of my medical records?
Complete the Authorization to Release Patient information form. This form can be used both for requesting records from a previous physician, requesting a personal copy of your records from our office, or requesting that your records be transferred from our office to another physician.


Should I reschedule my annual exam if it occurs during my menstrual cycle?
No, that is not necessary.


When should I call to schedule a new OB visit?
You should call at the time of your positive pregnancy test. Typically, you will be seen by our nurse for a visit within 7 -10 days so that we can obtain your medical history and provide education about your pregnancy. You will then schedule a visit to with your physician when you are 8-10 weeks pregnant.


Will I receive an ultrasound at my new OB visit?
Typically, an ultrasound is performed to establish viability and dating for your pregnancy.